Cusimano Consulting

We Create Companies of the Future and Mentor Employees of Tomorrow


We believe efficiency and economics are inter-related. We analyze your business and exploit inefficiencies in management to increase your profit and employee retention.


We believe time is your most valuable commodity. We introduce time saving managerial programs to eliminate months of waisted time.


At the end of the day, profit is the number one measure of growth. We evaluate prior performance and restructure business culture to increase productivity and yield.


Rarely do employees know why they love their work. We evaluate and restructure company environment and individual mindset to re-instill passion and purpose into the corporate environment.


How others view you, or your company, can say a lot about your character. We train businesses and mentees to put their best self forward, projecting the perfect image.


Your worth is not always measured monetarily. With a small investment, we reduce employee turnover, increase employee satisfaction, and mentor our private clients on how to increase their worth.


We pride ourself on the quality of our work, the results we produce, and the connections we make.


We offer a number of serves to Management, corporate partners, individuals, and students.

Corporate Partners

  • Management Consulting
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Career Advancement
  • Communication Efficacy
  • Health Optimization
  • Employee Buy-in


  • Life Coaching
  • Individual Motivation
  • Career Advancement
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Optimization
  • Self-Branding


  • Career Structuring
  • Individual Motivation
  • Mentorship
  • Health Optimization
  • Self-Branding
  • Graduate Education